3 in 1 BBQ – Backyard & domestic smokers

ProQ Australia believes in supplying the most innovative products, coupled with unrivalled customer service.  If you are passionate about outdoor cooking, we would love to share our expert knowledge about BBQ equipment and cooking techniques with you. The products we design and source are not only innovative, but also easy to use, making your BBQ experiences memorable and delicious.

3 in 1 BBQ and Smoker

Welcome to the only BBQ unit you will ever need. Unquestionably the ultimate backyard cooking device, ProQ 3 in 1 is a BBQ, smoker and roaster all packed into one convenient unit. Easy to use, versatile and loaded with innovative features, the ProQ 3 in 1 smoker is designed to make your cooking experience memorable and stress free. Whether you want to char grill a steak, smoke up a rack of ribs or even roast a gorgeous Sunday lunch, the ProQ can do it all.

How It Works

No other brand in Australia has as many features to offer: Made from porcelain-coated steel, the ProQ BBQ smokers are built to last. These units have thick walls for robustness and insulation, and long-lasting stainless steel grills, making it easy to clean. Side handles, clips, nuts and bolts are also stainless steel, making the 3 in 1 smoker more resistant to rust, and PVC-coated side handles ensure safer handling. The temperature probe eyelets (fitted on each stacker) are made from silicon to protect your probe wires from damage, and fit a wide range of probe sizes. A fish/meat hanger and temperature gauge are included. There are 3 air vents in the base, allowing for excellent temperature control.

Ultra versatile and modular

Versatility is at the heart of the ProQ 3 in 1 BBQ range, which is capable of Smoking, Roasting and Grilling. Modular design makes it easy to increase capacity, simply by adding an extra stacker. This range of barbecues can be transformed from low ‘n’ slow smokers to a versatile adjustable height grill, with simple removal of the waterpan. The grill can also be adjusted to three different levels, depending on your requirements, ensuring you have full control over your cook. Never burn your food again!

Advanced Feature Focus

  • Stacker SystemStacker System
  • Access DoorsAccess Doors
  • Stainless Steel GrillsStainless Steel Grills
  • Temperature ControlTemperature Control
  • Stainless Steel FittingsStainless Steel Fittings
  • Temperature Probe EyeletsTemperature Probe Eyelets
  • Cool Touch HandlesCool Touch Handles
  • Internal ThermometerInternal Thermometer
  • Fish / Meat HangersFish / Meat Hangers

This season, Summer 2016/17, we are now offering an upgraded version of the Elite series, with a new and improved ergonomic handle, strengthened steel brackets and high-quality solid moulded red handle, and a new internal UV protected black thermometer.

Elite Series – New 2016

The Elite series has thicker walls for robustness and better insulation, stainless steel grills that are longer lasting, easier to clean and more rust resistant and we have upgraded the fittings (side handles, clips, nuts and bolts) to stainless steel. The side handles are now silicon-coated for safer handling, and we have also upgraded the probe eyelets to silicon so that they accommodate different types of probes.

Ranger Elite Series

ProQ® Ranger Elite

The Ranger is our entry level BBQ Smoker, a reasonably priced unit with all the features to make it an ideal starter kit that’ll get you hooked on BBQ.

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Frontier Elite Series

ProQ® Frontier Elite

The Frontier series from ProQ is the best selling smoker in our range, offering the perfect combination of large capacity and versatility.

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Excel Elite

ProQ® Excel 20 Elite

The ProQ Excel 20 Elite is our top-of-range smoker with a huge capacity, thick porcelain-coated finish and thicker steel than the Frontier model.

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Standard Series

The ProQ Frontier is the best selling smoker in our range, offering the perfect combination of capacity, modular and versatility.

Frontier Standard

ProQ® Frontier

The Frontier from ProQ is the best selling smoker in our range, offering the perfect combination of capacity and versatility, for roasting, smoking and grilling.

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