ProQ® GFC4200

The Gravity Feed Smoker series from ProQ have been developed and designed to bring a viable solution to commercial BBQ in the Australian Hospitality environment. Ease of use coupled with extremely economical operation makes the ProQ GFC series a reliable choice for commercial kitchens.

These smokers have been designed to create authentic low and slow BBQ using charcoal rather than electric or gas. These units can run up to 28 hours at a desired temperature and give an unmistakable flavour by using charcoal or wood as fuel. The thick insulation and the ball valve control gives you a “set and forget” experience giving you opportunity to walk away knowing the smoker is doing all the work.

Authentic low n slow BBQ

A lot of venues use the electric, gas, or pellet smokers, but if you taste the product, you may notice something… missing. There’s no smoke ring, no bark, and very little smoke flavour. Charcoal and real chunks of wood are the only way to get the authentic flavours that real BBQ needs. With the precise temperature control and consistency on these Gravity Feeds you can produce a better product with the same reliability, so we ask “Why not charcoal?”

Economical to run

These smokers come with hopper capacities of: 10-12kg(GFC2150), 12-14kg (GFC3000), and 14-16kg (GFC4200) for lumpwood charcoal, ensuring you’ll have at least enough to last you the night, and with a 2” thick insulation all around, plus a ball valve air control which is basically “set and forget”. The smallest unit runs for a full 28 hours at 225 °F/110°C on one full load of lumpwood charcoal.

Easy to maintain

All of the components inside the cooking chamber and charcoal chute are removable (including the baffle, grate, and ash/wood pan) making this one of the easiest to clean smokers on the market, and with the water and drip pans made to standard gastronome sizes, they’re easily replaced too.

Commercial grade quality

Made in the E.U. to the highest quality standards. The door on each smoker is fully insulated, and fitted with heavy duty slam latches, which are fully adjustable to keep the heat in as the seal wears over time (the seal is also easily replaceable). Large, heavy duty wheels and tie down rings also make the units easy to move around and transport when needed. Each smoker has the capacity for 9 grill grates (5 provided), giving you the space and flexibility to suit your needs.


Size (LxWxH): 1620 x 900 x 1830mm
Grill Size: 680 x 615mm (4.2m2)
Grills Provided: 5
Possible Grills: 9
Possible Grill Area: 3.76m2
Cooking Chamber Vol.: 487L
Weight: 440kg

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ProQ GFC2150