ProQ® Reverse Flow (Stretch)

The Stretch is a step up from the Tubby, same footprint, just taller! The Stretch features 6 grates as standard with 12 positions. It also features a whopping 200L cook chamber volume and stands at 1.56m with only 30KG increase in weight. Capacity is 12 pork shoulders or 6 briskets (size dependant).

Heavy duty competition grade with huge capacity
ProQ Reverse Flow smokers are made in the E.U. to the highest levels of commercial grade manufacture. RF Series smokers feature super thick 4” insulation and a sophisticated reverse flow pipe system which enables an even temperature range and a stable cooking environment. These advanced design features allow chefs and competitors to focus on producing high quality authentic barbecue.

These smokers have been designed to create authentic low and slow BBQ using charcoal rather than electric or gas. These units can run up to 28 hours at a desired temperature and give an unmistakable flavour by using charcoal or wood as fuel. The thick insulation and the ball valve control gives you a “set and forget” experience giving you opportunity to walk away knowing the smoker is doing all the work.

Stability, consistency and fuel efficiency
RF series cook chambers are made with 4mm steel plate which retains heat amazingly well, and once up to temp helps with recovery times when opening/closing the smoker during a cook as well as producing a radiant heat giving your food great bark.
The fire basket is extremely heavy duty and has a fixed “snake method” setup to ensure you get the most even and efficient burn from your fuel.
These units are extremely well insulated, keeping the heat in for longer and making them efficient on fuel. We’ve had 25 hours using cocoshell briquettes and a forced air system (BBQ Guru) without a top-up.

Start-up is easy; simply light up a chimney starter, fill the back rows of the charcoal basket with unlit coals, and pour the lit coals into the front row when they’re ready. Push the re basket right to the back of the chamber, and leave firebox the door slightly ajar to get it going. Heat up time is around 45 mins to an hour. Once you hit your desired temp, just seal the firebox up and open your air flow. The 2” ball valve temperature control is extremely accurate and hard wearing, and although not entirely necessary it’s also geared up for the BBQ guru. Adding wood during your cook is easy, just pop the fire chamber door and place your wood chunks onto the ash tray, small embers will fall from the basket onto the wood getting a nice slow smoulder and a clean smoke.
Easy to maintain

Commercial grade quality
Made in the E.U. to the highest quality standards. The door on each smoker is fully insulated, and fitted with heavy duty slam latches, which are fully adjustable to keep the heat in as the seal wears over time (the seal is also easily replaceable). Large, heavy duty wheels and tie down rings also make the units easy to move around and transport when needed. Each smoker has the capacity for 9 grill grates (5 provided), giving you the space and flexibility to suit your needs.

Size: 85cm W x 82cm D x 156cm H
Cooking Chamber Dimensions – 40cm W x 57cm D x 86cm H
Grill Grate Dimensions – 39cm W x 57cm D
6 Grill Grates supplied
11 Grill/Grate runners positions available
Weight: 280kg

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